City-Wide Traffic Signal Upgrade
Winchester, VA



  • Signal Timing Optimization
  • Change & Clearance Intervals
  • Synchro & SimTraffic Modelling
  • Traffic data Collection & Studies
  • SOP Developement
  • Public Involvement


SAI prepared traffic signal system design; optimized signal timing plans; cross-jurisdictional signal timing with VDOT NW Region; signal phasing studies; signal technology assessments; equipment selection, equipment procurement and specifications; signal removal studies; data collection; and construction inspection for the Citywide Signal Upgrade project; Optimization of 80 signals, design of 18 traffic signals, citywide design of the closed-loop traffic signal system and CM and on-site CI for 60 signal rebuilds. SAI was hands-on with system set-up and programming the controllers and closed-loop software including use of dynamic split, detector switching, traffic-responsive programming, and design construction inspection. Benefits included decreases in travel times by an average of 20% and in the number of stops by an average of 40%.  Timing optimization showed an average benefit-cost ratio of 40:1, resulting in a total weekly savings of 8,000 gallons of fuel and a reduction of nearly 4,000 pounds of emissions.


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