Traffic Engineering, Washington County
Hagerstown, Maryland - 2014

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) provided transportation and traffic engineering design services to Washington County on this on-call contract.


  • Roadway Design
  • Roundabout Design
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Traffic Studies


Robinwood Road: SAI served as the lead consultant for the development of complete construction bid plans, specifications and cost estimates for widening 6,300 feet of a two-lane roadway to a four-lane closed section roadway, including reconstruction of four traffic signalized intersections and a new roundabout intersection. The work included:

  • Traffic operational analyses to determine lane configurations and Level of Service
  • Addition of turning lanes, concrete medians, sidewalks on both sides and ADA ramps and driveways
  • Roadway design, including survey; horizontal and vertical alignments; cross-sections; typical sections; profiles; soils borings and test pits; landscape design, hydraulics and hydrology including storm drain design, erosion and sediment control design, various BMP stormwater management design services
  • quantities and costs estimates, including earthwork summaries, and construction support.
  • Design of a multi-lane roundabout
  • Lighting design for the roundabout and the roadway to Hagerstown Community College including photometric analysis, circuit design and lighting layout design
  • Signing and pavement marking design
  • Maintenance of traffic (MOT) design
  • Traffic signal reconstruction design plans for four intersections, including ultimate and MOT design

Underpass Way at Railway Lane: SAI performed traffic engineering studies and developed traffic signal design plans in association with the proposed reconstruction of an existing intersection. The work included:

  • Traffic operational analyses to evaluate alternatives for traffic control at the reconstructed intersection, including All-Way STOP Control, Signal Control, and Roundabout Control.   The traffic operations study included data collection, field observations, evaluating existing crash data, determining levels of service under each alternative, and preparation of a technical memorandum.
  • Traffic signal design including equipment layout, phasing design, preparation of specifications and estimate, and coordination with roadway and drainage designs, and coordination with utility company for electrical service.

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