Gilroy Road – LRT Safety Improvements Design
Baltimore County, MD - 2015

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) led several tasks for the MTA at 11 LRT-Highway grade crossings in the Gilroy Road and Industry Lane corridors, including safety audits, crash analyses, traffic studies, and traffic signal, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and signing and marking engineering design for the Baltimore Central Light Rail. The work included the following:


  • Light Rail Operations
  • Safety Analysis & Design
  • Traffic Engineering Design
  • Traffic Safety and Operations Analyses


  • Evaluation and verification of compliance of active traffic control devices, passive traffic control devices, and existing geometry in conformance with the MUTCD, AASHTO, FHWA Railroad-Highway Grade Crossing Handbook, and MTA Central Light Rail Design Guidelines.
  • Safety and operational audits, including assessments of LRT and vehicular “risky behavior,” sight distance measurements, spot speed analysis, traffic operations studies of queues, delays, and vehicle composition, and intersection capacity analyses to identify potential deficiencies and any needed improvements that could enhance safety and operations.
  • Preparation of a final technical report, executive briefings and presentations summarizing recommended safety and operational improvements.
  • Prepared signing and pavement marking design to upgrades signs and markings to be in compliance with current standards and to address safety deficiencies.
  • Prepared design for LRT-Highway Grade crossing devices, including automatic gates, railroad signal flashers, and crossing warning indications
  • Prepare ITS design for LED NTOR/TRAIN blank-out signs for each grade crossing.
  • Prepare plans, specifications and estimates for civil and traffic design plans, including E&S plans.
  • Prepared traffic signal preemption timings to determine Advance vs. Simultaneous Preemption and calculations for Right-of-Way Transfer Time, Track Clearance Green.
  • Prepared traffic signal design at Beaver Dam Road and Industry Lane, including layout, coordination for obtaining easements for equipment placement, pre-signal, LED blank-out signing, RR signing and marking, signal phasing and timing, equipment layout.

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