Maryland Transit Administration Red Line
Baltimore City and Baltimore County, Maryland - 2016

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) is serving as a consultant on the GEC for the design of a new 14.8 mile long Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line known as the Red Line.  SAI staff provides a multitude of engineering design services including traffic engineering, Intelligent Transportation Systems, roadway engineering, and lighting engineering, and in addition has twelve staff working full-time at the GEC office.  Work includes the following:


  • Traffic Signal Design
  • ITS Design
  • Signing and Pavement Marking Design
  • Traffic Studies


Transit Signal Priority & Preemption
SAI is leading the effort for developing Systems Engineering Analyses (SEA) for the Red Line Transit Signal Priority and Preemption. The SEA included evaluation of the Maryland ITS Regional Architecture, Needs Assessment including Stakeholder Interview, Concept of Operations, Trade Studies to evaluate various COTS (commercial off the shelf) products, development of Systems Requirements, and Performance Monitoring Needs and Criteria.

Traffic Signal Design
SAI is the lead designer for 21 traffic signals and 4 temporary traffic signals, including LRT/ train signal display, Blank-Out LRT signs. The design included signal interconnect plans along Fremont Street, W. Lombard Street, Light Street, and Fleet Street, including field investigation with the Baltimore City Signal Shop staff to locate the existing twisted-pair and fiber optic backbone cables, and determination of spare conduit capacity in existing duct banks.  This work task required review and coordination with the GEC roadway designers to ensure the ADA ramps were designed correctly to allow for installation of Audible Pedestrian Signals (APS).

Signing and Pavement Marking Design
SAI is the lead designer for signing and pavement markings along Boston Street, Fremont Street, W. Lombard Street, Light Street, and Fleet Street. Plans included a bicycle lane on Boston Street from Montford Avenue to Eaton Street, and railroad crossing regulatory and warning signs in accordance with the MUTCD.

Lighting Design
SAI staff is serving as the Lighting Engineering Discipline Lead for all lighting design on the Red Line project, including photometric analysis review, providing technical direction, and plan reviews of circuits, fixtures, and lighting layout.  Lighting design includes parking lot, roadway, pedestrian, interchange, and intersection lighting.

ITS Design
SAI is preparing ITS plans for CCTV and Dynamic Message Signs.  The work includes extensive coordination with stakeholders for expansion, relocation, or removal of existing surveillance cameras during the LRT construction.

Traffic Analyses and Data Collection
SAI performed intersection vehicular and pedestrian traffic counts, developed and calibrated Synchro and SimTraffic models to evaluate traffic operations, and is preparing the Red Line Transportation Management Plan.

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