On Call Traffic Studies
Baltimore City, MD


  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Traffic Data Collection
  • Parking Studies
  • Bicycle Facility Planning and Design
  • Traffic Calming Analysis and Design
  • Transit Operations and Planning
  • Stakeholder and Public Outreach

Traffic Impact Analysis

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) serves on the City’s Development Review Panel and is tasked to scope and perform impact studies.  Typical studies included traffic data collection, traffic operations and safety analysis, development of Synchro traffic models, development of traffic forecasts, evaluation of pedestrian, bicycle and transit access, parking supply and demand analysis, identification of mitigation needs and development of site access improvements.   Advocated TDM strategies including car shares, intermodal centers, pedestrian and bicycle priority treatments, transit fare subsidies, bus priority treatments and real-time traveler information. Coordinated with City agency stakeholders including Public Works, Planning, Economic Development, Housing and and Police. Represented DOT to public at community meetings and private developers at working sessions.Major recent studies include: 1) Harbor East (1 million SF high-rise office and hotel),  2) Inner Harbor West (1.9 million SF mixed use office, hotel, residential, retail),  3) Harbor Point (3 million SF mixed use office, hotel, residential, retail), 4) Sinai Hospital Expansion, 5) University of Maryland BioPark (750K Research and Development) and  6) State Center (4 million SF mixed use office, residential and retail) and the 7) Southeast Area Transportation Study (10 major mixed-use waterfront developments totaling over 8 million SF)


Bicycle Facility Analysis and Design

SAI has evaluated over four dozen corridors for bicycle compatibility including signing, marking, exclusive lanes and cycle tracks.   Assessed impact to traffic operations, parking, roadway safety and overall network connectivity.  Developed wayfinding concepts and messaging.   Prepared preliminary and final design plans for a dozen corridors including signing, marking, signals and construction costs.


Traffic Calming Analysis and Design

SAI evaluated and developed concepts for over two dozen traffic calming locations including road diets, chokers, mini-roundabouts, mini-islands and ADA upgrades. Incorporated green treatments including bioSAIles, raingardens and porous pavers. Developed detailed design plans including signing, pavement marking, new geometry, landscaping, streetscaping, lighting and signals.  Performed analysis of traffic volumes, speeds, capacity and assisted the City with stakeholder and public outreach.


Neighborhood Parking Studies

SAI evaluated existing and future curbside and off-street parking supply, utilization, and demand, include development of a geodatabase and GIS mapping, and coordination with key institutional stakeholders and parking garage operators. Developed parking and transportation management recommendations including on-street parking regulatory and configuration changes, shared parking, wayfinding, parking guidance systems and demand/ event management.


Transit Operations and Planning

SAI performed a ridership survey and fare assessment to identify trip characteristics and rider demographics. Performed literature review and best practice assessment of urban circulator systems.  Reduced and geocoded over 1,500 completed surveys; developed a pivot table and evaluated findings.



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