On-Call Traffic Engineering
MDOT SHA District 7

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) has performed over 30 traffic engineering operations, safety, & design assignments on this contract.



  • Geometric Improvements
  • Signal Phasing/Warrant Analysis
  • Congestion Analysis
  • Corridor Analysis & Evaluation


Featured Task: MD 99 Corridor Evaluation

This joint project between MDOT and Howard County developed short and long term recommendations to improve traffic operations and safety on MD 99 with respect to the parallel I-70 freeway. The work included collection and analysis of traffic volumes, speeds, delays, queues, tell-tale crash studies, origin-destination data analysis, Big Data traffic data analysis (RITIS, HERE, INRIX). The traffic analysis consisted of signal warrant analyses, historical crash analysis, access controls, speed control, signing and geometric improvements, evaluation of neighborhood cut-through traffic, development of improvement concepts and cost for multi-modal accommodation.


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Baltimore, Maryland
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