Engineering Services for I-95 section 100,


  • Ground Mounted Noise Wall
  • Wall Mounted Noise Wall
  • Utility Relocation
  • Caisson
  • Quantities and Estimate
  • Specifications

Sabra Wang & Associates (SAI) prepared the design/build documents for eight Noise Walls totaling approximately 9,597 ft comprised of six Ground Mounted Noise Walls totaling approximately 8,927 feet and two Retaining Wall Mounted Noise Walls totaling approximately 670 feet along both the northbound and southbound corridors of Interstate 95 north of Chesaco Avenue.   The retaining walls ranged in height from 10 feet to 38 feet while the noise walls ranged from 15 feet to 36 feet tall.


Portions of the ground mounted Noise Walls were supported by concrete posts embedded in caissons and others were supported by steel posts mounted on the caissons while the Retaining Wall Mounted Noise Walls were supported by steel posts mounted on the retaining walls. Site visits and field investigations were conducted and data was collected from existing Utility Plans to evaluate existing utilities, storm drains, and inlets and their impact on the proposed wall. Typical sections and geometric layout for the proposed retaining wall were developed and the design was performed in accordance with MD SHA design standards and AASHTO Bridge Design Specifications. A report was prepared which included the preliminary investigation study and cost comparisons for the most economical type of construction.


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