Dundalk Avenue Ductback Design From Eastern Avenue to City Line,
Baltimore, MD


  • Utility Conduit Ductbank Design
  • Trenchless Technology at key locations
  • Electrical Manhole Design
  • Agency Coordination
  • Construction Support

Sabra & Associates, Inc. (SAI) was responsible for the design and contract document preparation for the new City ductbank (5-Way x 5 inch diameter concrete encased conduits), parallel to the existing City ductbank (15-Way x 5 inch diameter concrete encased conduits) along Dundalk Avenue to support a streetscape improvements project.  The new ductbank was required by the City to provide additional capacity for Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE Electric), who leases the City ductbank.


The new City ductbank design included a unique thermal-break for its entire length, except at Electrical Manholes (EMHs), to meet BGE electrical requirements to minimize overheating of the existing 33kV cables in the existing City ductbank.


The new City ductbank required the modification of eight existing EMHs, demolition and cast-in-place concrete replacement of 12 new EMHs (6-feet wide x 12-feet long x 8-feet head room inside dimension), eight new EMHs (6-feet wide x 12-feet long x 8-feet head room inside dimension), a  24-inch diameter x 65-linear feet steel casing tunneled under the single track Canton RR crossing, including jacking and receiving pits and appurtenances.


The design required in excess of 60 test pits to confirm with the existing City ductbank vertical position, due to the lack of as-built/record drawings, and the numerous crossing and overlapping parallel existing utilities as well as to resolve conflicts in the numerous existing utilities as-built/record drawings.

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